JOS Lead Guitarist Rosie Botterill has obtained The Pick Of Destiny from Rock God Slash.

The History Of The Pick Of Destiny
The greatest secret in all of music is that all the Rock Legends have used the same guitar pick. For the pick gives its holder “supranatural” abilities with stringed instruments.

The Pick Of Destiny‘ was created by a Dark Wizard who had once summoned The Devil from the depths of Hell to battle him. A Blacksmith heard the commotion and knocked out one of the demon’s teeth. The Dark Wizard took advantage of The Devil‘s “incompleteness” and banished him back to his fiery realm. As a gift to the Blacksmith for saving his life, the wizard formed a guitar pick from a piece of The Devil‘s tooth, so that the Blacksmith could win the affection of the woman he loved. The secret of The Pick died with that Blacksmith and some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend, legend became myth. And for four hundred years, The Pick passed out of all knowledge. Until, when chance came, it ensnared a new bearer.

Then poof! all of a sudden at the turn of the century the pick found a new owner in the fingers of Robert Johnson. But The Pick Of Destiny has a will of its own and soon The Pick was passed down to Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrex, Jimi Page, Eddie Van Halen and Slash to name but a few.

In the mid 1990’s Rock was in mourning so The Pick was put into safe keeping in the Rock Museum waiting patiently until a worthy player arosed to take up the mantle of The Pick once more. Then in 1994 after falling upon the legend of The Pick the Rock duo Tenacious D sought out The Pick Of Destiny. But after the legendary rock off between Tenacious D and The Devil The Pick was lost forever.

Or so we thought….

After hearing of the legendary dual between Tenacious D and The Devil Rock God Slash travelled to the pits of hell and challanged the Serpent to a rock off. If The Devil won he would claim Slash‘s soul but if Slash won The Pick Of Destiny would be returned to the world of Rock once more.

What followed was an epic dual which lasted months and damn near killed both of them but in the end Slash was proven victorious. To celebrate his victory Slash started a new band and called it ‘Slash’s Snakepit‘ to commemorate his triumph over The Devil in Hell. Since that time Slash has held onto The Pick waiting for a worthy successor to come along. The 90’s passed and the a new millenium followed but no successor was to be found.

At the turn of this new decade whilst on tour with Ozzy Osbourne Slash heard of this mysterious guitarist from Ozzy‘s keyboard player Adam Wakeman. There had been rumours for many years of this guitar wizard who could play like they were possessed by the legends of Rock N Roll past, but most dismissed this talk as fanciful. But Wakeman showed the footage of this mythical guitarist to Slash and immediately he knew his worthy successor had been found.

So in the summer of 2012 Slash passed The Pick onto Wakeman and Wakenman to The Pick‘s new owner.

The Keeper of The Pick Of Destiny is now Rosie Botterill.

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